A unified, Travel and Expense Management Solution with end-to-end process automation: TVS Credit

TVS Credit is a proud part of the $8.5 billion TVS Group with 26 branches and 17000 employees.

Challenges faced:

The TVS Credit team used to traditionally make bookings through a Travel Agency System, and the whole booking process time was more, leading to Fare jumps, increasing the overall spend by 20 to 30%. The delay happened majorly on two levels, one at the Approval Manager and the other at Travel Coordinator. Approval Managers took time to approve after checking all the details to make sure of policy compliance and the Travel Coordinator had to attend and process from a big queue of requests from various locations. 

Cost Centre Managers were extremely concerned about missing policy compliance and duplication of reimbursement requests and errors in filing expenses. Identifying these took a great deal of time considering the volume of these requests and the huge team size. 

TVS Credit had exclusive deals with some hotels and having these contracted hotels’ inventory for booking was a challenge. There were issues with checking live availability, coordination was time-consuming.

The solution they were looking for:

 TVS credit wanted to digitize and automate all the processes right from Travel to Expense Management and looked for a solution that works well while solving all the above-mentioned problems. And an option to upload their inventory of Contracted Hotels. That is when they signed up with TripGain which led to an astounding experience and significant savings.

Travel & Expense Management experience after they started to use TripGain:

TripGain’s Travel and Expense Management Solution offered a great deal of comfort to the whole team and various stakeholders of TVS Credit. It allowed employees to choose the flight that suits the traveler’s requirement and share the details with the approval manager instantly, which he/ she can view and approve in real-time without any delay facilitating the instant booking.  Data flow was seamless due to their multiple vendor’ and ERP integrations.

User delight as a result:

  • Travel Coordinators are incredibly happy. They get to use their saved time in a more efficient way. Duplicate approvals could be avoided, fraud detection was easy, and reimbursements were quick, leading to an efficient system.
  • Monetary Savings: Significant savings are also being achieved in terms of manpower cost.
  • They could reduce 2 FTE straight from the team.
  • Policy compliance was at its best at 85%.
  • TripGain offered the best fares leading to direct saving from Travel.
  • TripGains’ user-friendly Dashboard allowed transparency and better visibility of data for well-informed decisions.
  • 24/7 Support ensured all the travelers are taken care of any unexpected last-minute trip cancellations, reschedules, and modifications.
  • Employees are happy with automation as the process has been streamlined and no frequent follow-ups need to be handled now.

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