From Approval to Reimbursements: Complete Automation for Seamless Travel Processes at Satsure

About Satsure 

SatSure is an innovative decision analytics brand leveraging advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning and big data analytics to provide answers to large area questions across the domains of Agriculture, Banking & Financial Service, Infrastructure and Climate Change Mitigation.

SatSure’s foundations are based on expanding the vision of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, the founder of the Indian space program, to be second to none in the applications of space technology. Through its unique decision intelligence creation approach, the SatSure team looks to be second to none in commercializing data from space towards solving problems at the nexus of sustainability of food, water, and energy security.


The 50-member team at Satsure handles close to 100 official trips in a year, which leads to the filing of up to 10 expenses per month, with seven to eight bills in each expense report.

Challenges Faced


Without an in-house travel desk, Satsure’s employees used to take travel approvals on email and then book the tickets by themselves. The problems with such a process give rise to include lack of adherence to policy and difficulty managing reimbursements manually, apart from the chaos and inefficiency involved, as all travel approvals would happen through email and were not automated. 

Challenge #1: Adherence to Policy

Satsure’s main challenge was to track whether their employees had adhered to policy and booked the cheapest ticket available.

Challenge #2: Managing Reimbursements

The submission and reimbursement of travel bills were done manually, consuming a lot of their employees’ time.


Satsure wanted to bring in automation into the entire travel and expense process at a reasonable cost.

Introduction, Evaluation, and Selection: Why TripGain?

A tool Satsure was introduced to through LinkedIn, TripGain stood out as a low cost and fully automated solution during the evaluation process where numerous tools from multiple companies were considered that would be a good fit for Satsure’s processes and budget.

The Implementation Experience

TripGain was implemented at Satsure quickly with no more than four days of effort. And so it was that Satsure began using TripGain at the beginning of 2019.

After Trip Gain: Impact Areas

TripGain proved to be an ideal solution for Satsure, for processes beginning right from moving their approval process online to booking tickets seamlessly.

  • Shorter Timelines: (1) The Satsure team used to spend around 10 days of time for booking, expense filing and reconciliation. With TripGain, they have been able to reduce it to just 48 hours. (2) Satsure can now mandate employees to file expenses online within 3 days of travel.
  • Man-hours Saved: Satsure saves almost 10 man-hours in a month after the implementation of TripGain.
Best-Loved Features User-friendly app, chat-based support
Most-Used Features Approval flows and travel policy compliance which used to consume a lot of employee time before TripGain.
  • Clear Visibility: Satsure has connected QuickBooks, their accounting system, to TripGain which enables them to push all their tickets and bills automatically and gives them clear visibility into trip expenses for better decision-making.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Satsure’s employees are happy with automation as the process has been streamlined and no frequent follow-ups need to be handled now.
  • Monetary Savings: Significant savings are also being achieved in terms of manpower cost.

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